Why Join a Model A Ford Club?

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You really want to know why I am a member of a car club? I have always been fascinated by mechanical things - How does it work? What does that thingy do? But I had no one to play cars with, so I studied anatomy and physiology - the mechanics of living things. (There are girls in biology classes and you don't have to be strong enough to wrestle a flywheel.) So when I met Mark and his dad (Charles) and they would let me play car with them, it was like an epiphany. Charles has a great shop and when his uncle's Model 'A' became available, he helped us buy and restore it there. They let me help with anything I wanted. It was all fun. We sanded Bondo for weeks. I helped crack open the shock absorbers and clean them out - it was so cool! I tried to learn to drive standard transmission on the frame with no body. (Did you know Model 'A's can hop like bunnies?) It is really neat to see the steering mechanism work while you are driving, but you tend to wander around the lot.

Anyway, that is why I love Julian, our Model 'A'. We joined the club because my enthusiasm is not matched by expertise. While Mark has absorbed much about Model 'A's from his dad, it is still good to have confident friends under the hood with him. Since Charles' shop is in Irving, it is not safe for us to be playing on our own.

Why do I keep coming back? We stay with the club for the technical support and because of the forgiving nature of the members. When we break down, they are always willing to help even if it is our own fault - no matter how dumb the mistake. Novice and expert are welcome. It feels like family except the thing that binds us is not an ancestor, but a love of cars.

What is the best part about being in the club? The best part about being in the club is the friends. There is no other group I know so generous and kind.

Submitted by Kiki Corry

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