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What are the benefits of joining the Lone Star Model A Ford Club?

  • Do you want to buy a Model A Ford?
  • Do you want to sell one?
  • Do you want to price one?
  • Do you want to restore one?
  • Do you love to drive one, but afraid of breaking down?

Please contact us. The answer is usually "Join a Model A Ford chapter." It is best thing you can do for yourself. Whether you are a grease monkey or a banker, you can find help.

Knowledge - These people drive Model A's. They live for getting a stored Model A running again. These are the people who know their Model A Fords.

Assurance - If you are unsure of the capabilities of your car, running with a bunch of Ford mechanics is the safest kind of tour. Nothing like having your own Model A break down, stopping all the other cars in the tour - especially when you are the Tour Leader. Seriously though, the rule is that no one is ever left on the side of the road. Your fellow club members may be carrying just the spare part that you need. Some of the things they also might have are tools, gas, water, oil, liquid refreshments, cookies, a CB, and a cell phone.

Activities - Club Meetings, Breakfast Gatherings, Tours, Lunch Tours, Dinner Tours, Poor Boy Tours, Mystery Tours, Texas Tours, Parades, Christmas Parties, Car Clinics, Restoration Seminars, Fashion Seminars, Ice Cream Socials, and Car Games.

Information - By joining a local chapter and one or both of the international clubs, you will start receiving the club's magazines.

There are two international clubs:

  • Model A Ford Club of America (MAFCA)
  • Model A Restorer's Club (MARC)

These magazines are full of photos and information. In the back, there are ads to buy, sale, and trade Model A Fords and parts. There are technical articles, information on other chapters, plus dates for swap meets.

Still not convinced? Here is one person's response to the question, "Why Join a Model A Ford Club?"

Please be aware that you do not need to own a Model A Ford to join a chapter - you only need to show an interest in "Henry's Lady." Once you see all the cars in action though, it will be tough not to want a running Model A of your own. One of the best ways to find a Model A Ford to buy is to join a chapter.

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