Pearl Bluegrass Jam & Stage Show
November 4, 2017

Lead Model A:Ron & Laurie Taylor
Model A's:John Anderson, Jim & Billie Cunningham, Max Phillips & Rebecca Jordan
Chase:J R Howard

Many people have installed turn signals, but to be in character,
we should be using hand signals in the daytime.
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Our first stop
Ron's '31 Cabriolet, Jim's '30 Coupe, Max's '28 Tudor, and John's '31 Coupe

Jim, Billie, and John parking at Pearl.

We had a good parking spot at 1100.

We watched a few jammers and then went for lunch.
At only $3 per dessert, 7 out of 8 had one.

Jamming while John takes a picture.

Newcomers and kids are on first.
Depending on how much padding you carry, you might want to bring a cushion.

Four siblings from 12 to 16

He sounded a little like Willie.

The Lone Man Mountain group from Wimberley

The Cooke Brothers from Waxahachie

More jammers making good music.

Unscheduled stop

Everyone stops for gas on the way home.

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