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Category Topic Magazine Date
BodyServicing SpeedometersRestorerMay-88
BodyRepairing Steering Wheel CracksRestorerMay-88
BodyTiny Tips - a seat for your bumberRestorerNovember-89
BodyFrame SpreaderRestorerMay-89
BodyInstall frame welting the easy wayRestorerNovember-90
BodyAir Condition your Model ARestorerJanuary-90
BodyInstalling a Rumble SeatRestorerJanuary-90
BodyInstalling a wheelwell in the AA FenderRestorerJanuary-93
BodyPillar LocksRestorerJanuary-93
BodyTire LocksRestorerJanuary-93
BodyDoor & Deck Lid HandleRestorerMay-92
BodyInside Door & Window Regulator handle RestorationModel A NewsJanuary-07
BodyStarting Crank Bearing & related partsRestorerJuly-07
BodyDoor & Deck Lid HandlesRestorerMarch-01
BodyPatch Panel InstallationRestorerMarch-04
BodyThe '30 Running Board Construction, Design & AssemblyModel A NewsMarch-08
BodyFrame StraighteningRestorerMarch-75
BodyBody Clinch-nutsRestorerMarch-75
BodyFront Fender Dimple RepairRestorerMay-03
BodyPaint & Rust Removal for the Lazy ManRestorerMay-06
BodyStop that RattleRestorerMay-09
BodyThe Model A Patent PlateRestorerMay-09
BodyNailing Down the UpholsteryRestorerNovember-07
BodyShoulder Seat BeltsRestorerSeptember-05
BodyRestoring the Famous Blue OvalRestorerSeptember-06
BodyHow I installed seat beltsRestorerSeptember-10
BodyKeying your Model AModel A NewsMarch-9
BodyDash Belt Rail RepairModel A NewsSeptember-12
BodySaving Those 1930 Running BoardsModel A NewsMarch-14
BodyNeed More Front leg Room in your Town SedanModel A NewsMarch-15
BodyConverting a Rumble Seat to a TrunkModel A NewsJuly-15
BodyConverting a Rumble Seat to a Trunk Pt 2Model A NewsNovember-15
BodyConverting a Rumble Seat to a TrunkModel A NewsMay-16
BodyThe Basics of Frame Restoration Pt 2Model A TimesFall 2011
BodyPainting the Model AModel A TimesFall 2014
BodyChassis DirectionsModel A TimesFall 2015
BodyNew Rear Fender BracesModel A TimesSpring 2007
BodyProtect Your Model A from TheftModel A TimesSpring 2014
BodyHow to Prepare for PaintModel A TimesSpring 2016
BodyCooling Passenger FloorboardModel A TimesSummer 2006
BodyWood GrainingModel A TimesSummer 2010
BodyThe Basics of Frame Restoration Pt 1Model A TimesSummer 2011
BodyA-SpringModel A TimesSummer 2011
BodyInstalling Aluminum Roof TrimModel A TimesWinter 2013
BodyLuggage RacksModel A TimesWinter 2017
BodyPillar LocksRestorerJanuary-93
BodyInstalling the HeadlinerRestorerMay-13
BodyDent Made EasyRestorerSeptember-14
BodyHow I converted my Rumble Seat to a TrunkRestorerJanuary-16
BodyHow to Restore the WoodRestorerSeptember-17
BrakeGimme a BrakeRestorerMarch-92
BrakeGimme a Brake! Part IIRestorerNovember-92
BrakeBrake Cross Shaft RestorationRestorerMay-92
BrakeFront Backing Plate BoltsModel A NewsMarch-7
BrakeRemoving the Rear Backing Plate LeverModel A NewsMarch-9
BrakeMake your own Improved Brake Adjustment ToolsModel A NewsNovember-13
BrakeBrake Adjustment ProcedureModel A NewsMay-9
BrakeService Brake AdjustmentModel A NewsMarch-10
BrakeAdjusting Mechanical BrakesModel A TimesFall 2005
BrakeAdjusting Model A Mechanical BrakesModel A TimesWinter 2014
BrakePre-Check before adjusting the brakesRestorerJuly-13
BrakeService Brake Adjustment MethodRestorerMay-94
BrakeBrake adjustmentRestorerMay-00
BrakeBrake Adjusting Shaft InformationRestorerMay-12
BrakeBrake Adjustment ProceduresRestorerMarch-19
BrakeEmergency Brake SpringRestorerMay-99
BrakeEmergency Brake return spring InstallRestorerSeptember-13
BrakeBrake Rod Return SpringsModel A NewsMay-12
BrakeEmergency Brake Arm Return SpringModel A NewsJanuary-13
BrakeHow to Tighten the Rear Drums to 100 ft. lbs.Model A NewsJuly-15
BrakeBrake Roller TracksModel A TimesFall 2005
BrakeBrakesModel A TimesFall 2016
BrakeTaking a Look at Our Tires & Brakes Pt 1Model A TimesSpring 2016
BrakeBrake Operating PinModel A TimesSummer 2007
BrakeRebuilding the Brake Shoe Centering BracketsRestorerJanuary-94
BrakeImproving stopping powerRestorerMarch-00
BrakeClutch & Brake shaftsRestorerNovember-10
BrakeOiling the service brake cross shaftRestorerMay-12
BrakeRefurbishing the Service Brake Cross ShaftRestorerJanuary-16
BrakeA Simple Brake CheckRestorerSeptember-13
BrakeBrake Shoe ArcingRestorerJanuary-14
BrakeAbout Those BrakesRestorerSeptember-16
BrakeBrake DrumsRestorerNovember-16
CarburetorCarburetor LeaksRestorerMay-91
CarburetorAir Filter Element SelectionRestorerJanuary-91
CarburetorDual Up-Draft ZenithsRestorerJuly-92
CarburetorRemedy for Repairing a Loose Throttle ShaftModel A NewsSeptember-12
CarburetorCarburetor, Patent, development, and how it worksModel A NewsNovember-15
CarburetorWeber CarburetorModel A TimesFall 2009
CarburetorCarburetor Float Valve, Leak ComparisonModel A TimesWinter 2006
CarburetorCarburetion Float StudyModel A TimesFall 2010
CarburetorCarburetor Mixture MasteryModel A TimesSpring 2015
CarburetorNew Tillotson CarburetorsModel A TimesWinter 2008
CarburetorNew Tillotson CarburetorsModel A TimesWinter 2011
CarburetorThe Ford-Zenith CarburetorRestorerSeptember-09
CarburetorTillotson CarburetorRestorerJuly-95
CarburetorCarburetor LeaksRestorerSeptember-94
CarburetorThe Insidious Vacuum LeakRestorerMarch-16
CarburetorCleaner Air Equals Longer Engine LifeRestorerNovember-94
CarburetorVapor LockRestorerJanuary-10
CarburetorCarburetor ComparisonsRestorerNovember-13
CarburetorHow the Model A Engine BreathesRestorerMay-16
CarburetorHow Many Zeniths were Made?RestorerJuly-94
CarburetorZenith carburetor ExplainedRestorerSeptember-96
CarburetorZenith CarburetorRestorerSeptember-9
CarburetorZenith Passageway CleaningRestorerSeptember-11
CarburetorZenith Carburetor InformationRestorerSeptember-13
CarburetorDusey of a way to set Zenith float levelRestorerMay - 19
CarburetorHoning Zenith Fuel Inlet SeatRestorerNovember-13
CarburetorAnother Zenith ProblemRestorerNovember-14
CarburetorA Guide to Zenith Carburetors Pt.1RestorerMarch-17
CarburetorA Guide to Zenith Carburetors Pt 2RestorerMay-17
CarburetorA Guide to Zenith Carburetors Pt 3RestorerJuly-17
CarburetorA Guide to Zenith Carburetors Pt 4RestorerSeptember-17
CarburetorA Guide to Zenith Carburetors Pt 5RestorerNovember-17
ClutchMultiple Disc ClutchModel A TimesSummer 2014
ClutchPressure plateRestorerSeptember-99
ClutchThe Multiple Disk ClutchRestorerJuly-03
ClutchAdjusting Clutch Plate Assembly LeversRestorerJanuary-03
ClutchHow to Safety Wire the bolts RestorerJuly-06
ClutchPressure Plate Release LeversRestorerJuly-9
ClutchDancing the Double ClutchRestorerJanuary-18
ClutchTaking Care of Your ClutchRestorerJully-20
ClutchDancing the Double ClutchRestorerJanuary-18
ElectricalReading the AmmeterRestorerJanuary-88
ElectricalGenerator Cut-outs and DiodesRestorerNovember-89
ElectricalCut-Out OperationRestorerMarch-18
ElectricalConverting to 12 VoltsRestorerMarch-91
ElectricalModel A Cutout Model A NewsMarch-13
ElectricalEvolution of the Terminal Box and Cover AssemblyModel A NewsSeptember-14
ElectricalModern Regulator on a Model A GeneratorModel A TimesFall 2013
ElectricalGenerator vs AlternatorModel A TimesSpring 2006
ElectricalUsing a Growler on an ArmatureModel A TimesSpring 2009
ElectricalSolid State Voltage RegulatorModel A TimesSummer 2007
ElectricalGenerator TestingModel A TimesWinter 2015
ElectricalEarly Battery Charging SystemsRestorerMay-10
ElectricalFive Tips to get the most out of your batteryModel A TimesFall 2016
Electrical12 Volt Battery Hold DownModel A TimesSpring 2006
ElectricalCare and Feeding of your BatteryModel A TimesSummer 2008
ElectricalInstalling Instrument GaugesModel A TimesSummer 2006
ElectricalCan You Trust Your GaugesModel A TimesSpring 2014
ElectricalElectrical Tips for the Model AModel A TimesWinter 2011
ElectricalElectrical Measurement DeviceModel A TimesWinter 2011
ElectricalElectrical EquipmentModel A TimesWinter 2012
ElectricalElectrical Wiring BasicsModel A TimesWinter 2012
ElectricalHow to Properly Wire an Audio SystemModel A TimesSpring 2014
ElectricalRestoring the 1928 Electric WiperRestorerMarch-93
ElectricalGrounding systemRestorerNovember-00
ElectricalAmmeter A-10850Model A NewsJanuary-08
ElectricalElectrical TroubleshootingRestorerNovember-9
ElectricalMy Model A won't StartRestorerMay-10
ElectricalElectrical Troubles -Loose WiringRestorerJuly-12
ElectricalThe relay Switch & the Model ARestorerNovember-14
ElectricalCut-Out OperationRestorerJanuary-18
EngineHeat Shield for your Model ARestorerNovember-91
EngineAdjusting main bearing & rod bearing clearnacesRestorerNovember-91
EngineCompression BrakingRestorerSeptember-91
EngineDrive Train: Basic Operations & Trouble ConditionsRestorerJanuary-91
EngineMore 'secrets of speed'RestorerNovember-90
EngineSpeeding Up the FordRestorerMarch-90
EnginePut a black finish on your Exhaust ManifoldRestorerJanuary-90
EngineUsing the A as a campstoveRestorerMay-90
EngineManifold CookeryRestorerJuly-92
EngineAdjusting Head Bolts for more PowerRestorerJuly-92
EngineEngine Mount CushionsModel A NewsJanuary-9
EngineThe Crank Hole CoverModel A NewsNovember-11
EngineHeat without cutting Holes in the FirewallModel A NewsJanuary-14
EngineOne More Overheating SolutionModel A NewsJuly-15
EngineShims between Flywheels Housing & Engine BlockModel A NewsJuly-16
EngineAir Filter UseModel A TimesFall 2005
EngineReplacing Accelerator Return SpringModel A TimesFall 2007
EngineReplacing Accelerator Return SpringRestorerMarch-12
EngineUnderstanding the Basics of Threaded Fastener StrengthModel A TimesFall 2011
EngineLearn the critical aspects of torque & bolt stretchModel A TimesFall 2015
EnginePCV for Model AModel A TimesFall 2013
EngineCrankshaft Seal, Why does my seal Leak?Model A TimesWinter 2016
EngineRebuilding the Oil Pump Drive AssemblyModel A TimesFall 2015
EngineHorsepower and RPM at speedModel A TimesFall 2016
Engine1929 Front Splash Apron fittingModel A TimesSpring 2007
EngineCrack Repair with Lock-N-StitchModel A TimesSpring 2008
EngineFlywheels removalModel A TimesSpring 2012
EngineMotor MountsModel A TimesWinter 2006
EngineGauges for the Model AModel A TimesWinter 2006
EngineImproving performanceRestorerNovember-96
EngineValve timingRestorerMay-97
EngineIdling Knocks, Causes & CuresRestorerJuly-08
EngineLeakless Pan GasketRestorerMarch-02
EngineDon't Blow a GasketRestorerMay-18
EngineModel A Engine PansRestorerMarch-66
EnginePCV Valve parts and laborRestorerMarch-99
EngineBalanceing a fan bladeRestorerNovember-02
EngineInstalling Helicoil ThreadsRestorerNovember-03
EngineWhy Positive Crankcase VentilationRestorerSepr-99
EnginePick the Right Cam, Correcting CamfusionModel A TimesSpring 2014
EngineAutomatic Spark AdvanceModel A TimesSummer 2005
EngineDriving with manual spark leverRestorerSeptember-97
EngineBell Housing RestorationRestorerNovember-10
EngineInstalling the Flywheels Ring GearRestorerJanuary-11
EngineWhere to look for Cracks in the BlockModel A TimesSummer 2010
EngineA Cracked Engine BlockRestorerJuly-14
EngineHow to Free-Up a Frozen EngineRestorerNovember-14
EngineCrankshaft Pulley PrecautionsModel A TimesSpring 2005
EngineWhen Your Crankshaft Pulley FailsRestorerMay - 19
EngineRepairing the Crankshaft Flange HolesRestorerMay-16
Engine, Exhaust Muffler & Manifold Problems, How to Avoid Them Model A TimesWinger 2008
Engine, Exhaust Head PullerModel A TimesFall 2010
Engine, Exhaust RX for exhaust manifold gasket bluesRestorerMarch-94
Engine, Exhaust Exhaust valveRestorerNovember-96
Engine, Exhaust Fixing Exhaust Manifold LeaksRestorerMay-16
EngineA Dilly of a Dolly for storing an EngineRestorerJanuary-90
Engine, Head Head RemovalModel A NewsNovember-13
Engine, Head Pulling the HeadModel A TimesSpring 2015
Engine, Head Head Gasket Replacement for Max CompressionModel A TimesSummer 2010
Engine, Head Do I need one? (High compression heads)Model A TimesSummer 2012
Engine, Head Stubborn studsRestorerNovember-96
Engine, Head Stud Insertion & RemovalRestorerNovember-12
GasSetting the float level with a glass jarRestorerNovember-90
GasGas Gauge Assembly Part 3Model A NewsNovember-9
GasGas Gauge RepairModel A TimesFall 2009
GasGas gaugeRestorerMarch-98
GasRestoring the gas gaugeRestorerMay-13
GasPreserving Your CorkRestorerMarch-17
GasEvolution of the '28-'29 Gas TankModel A NewsMarch-11
GasEvolution of the 1930-31 Gas TankModel A NewsNovember-11
GasRemoving a '30 gas tankRestorerMay-9
GasRemoving '28-'29 fuel tankRestorerJanuary-11
GasHow do I fill my tank?....with an extensionModel A TimesWinter 2012
GasA Positive Gasoline Shut-off ValveModel A NewsJanuary-13
GasEthanol and the Model A FordModel A NewsNovember-13
GasE-10 Ethanol ConsiderationsModel A TimesSummer 2011
GasVapor LockModel A TimesSummer 2012
GasFuel SystemModel A TimesWinter 2015
GasModel A Fuel System - Lessons LearnedRestorerJuly-04
GasModel A Fuel System FiltersRestorerMay-04
GasHow to Remove the gas TankRestorerMay-09
GasWhat's Your MPGRestorerNovember-02
GasSeamed tubingRestorerJanuary-97
GasFuel sediment bowlRestorerJuly-98
GasGas RationingRestorerJanuary-11
GasSmelling a Little Gassy?RestorerNovember-16
HornHorn Repair Model A TimesSummer 2015
HornHorn BasicsModel A NewsJuly-14
HornCare & Maintenance of the HornRestorerMarch-15
HornA Wuick Fix for your Worn HornRestorerMarch-20
IgnitionUsing Stroboscopic timing lights on a Model ARestorerNovember-89
IgnitionThe Electrolock Ignition SwitchRestorerMarch-92
IgnitionArmored Ignition Cable RestorationRestorerMay-92
IgnitionQuick-change Ignition PointsModel A NewsSeptember-11
IgnitionIt is About TimeModel A NewsSeptember-13
IgnitionEliminate a couple of prolems in the DistributorRestorerMarch-90
IgnitionThe DistributorModel A NewsNovember-16
IgnitionElectronic vs Point DistributorModel A TimesWinter 2007
IgnitionRestoring the DistributorModel A TimesFall 2012
IgnitionDistributor Body - High Quality ReproductionModel A TimesSpring 2012
IgnitionDistributor BuildModel A TimesSummer 2015
IgnitionDistributor Analysis TookRestorerJanuary-93
IgnitionWhy do my distributor points move unintentionallyRestorerJanuary-93
IgnitionDistributor analysis IIRestorerNovember-98
IgnitionDistributor Test FixtureRestorerSeptember-11
IgnitionModel B Distributor Cam ?RestorerNovember-11
IgnitionDrilling the Distributor Shaft for oilingRestorerJuly-12
IgnitionDistributor CracksRestorerJuly-13
IgnitionModern Points, The Good and the BadModel A TimesFall 2006
IgnitionPoints vs Electronic IgnitionModel A TimesFall 2008
IgnitionEngine IgnitionModel A TimesFall 2015
IgnitionThe Ford Type Electrolock & Ignition SwitchModel A TimesWinter 2016
IgnitionUsing your carburetor to check the ignition systemRestorerSeptember-93
IgnitionRotor gap just as important as point gapRestorerSeptember-94
IgnitionIgnition diagnosticsRestorerJuly-99
IgnitionIgnition wiring changeRestorerJuly-00
IgnitionQuick & Easy Timing IndicatorRestorerJuly-04
IgnitionIgnition Timing Part 1 - TermsRestorerMarch-09
IgnitionHow to Test the Ignition CircuitRestorerMarch-09
IgnitionPoints & Condenser vs. Electronic Ignition SystemRestorerMarch-13
IgnitionIgnition Timing Part 2RestorerMay-09
IgnitionUnlocking the Restoration of the Electrolock Pop Out SwitchModel A NewsNovember-14
IgnitionIgnition Timing pt2RestorerMay-9
IgnitionIgnition Timing pt. 3RestorerJuly-9
IgnitionBasics of the Model A IgnitionRestorerMay-11
IgnitionCoil & Condenser TesterRestorerJuly-11
IgnitionIgnition Timing Dwell & BacklashRestorerSeptember-14
IgnitionPrinciples of Ignition TimingRestorerNovember-15
IgnitionShould Timing be Altered for High-Compression HeadsRestorerMarch-20
IgnitionSolving an Intermittent Ignition ProblemRestorerMay-16
IgnitionOriginal Points vs Modern PointsRestorerJanuary-18
IgnitionOriginal Points vs Modern PointsRestorerJanuary-18
LightsHalogen HeadlightsModel A TimesFall 2008
LightsStop Light Switch CautionModel A TimesSummer 2006
LightsStoplight Switch ShortsModel A TimesWinter 2006
LightsWhy do we need to focus our headlights?Model A TimesSummer 2015
LightsQuick & Easy Headlight AlignmentRestorerJanuary-12
LightsModel A Light BulbsRestorerMarch-11
LightsModel A Headlight ReflectorsRestorerJuly-14
LightsRe-plate your Headlight ReflectorsRestorerJanuary-17
LightsHorn Rod Light Switch ReplacementRestorerJuly-15
LightsLet There Be LightRestorerMarch-16
NoiseAuntie Squeak & Uncle RattlerModel A NewsNovember-16
NoiseQuiet Ride InsulationModel A TimesSpring 2008
NoiseThe Science of NoiseModel A TimesSummer 2015
NoiseReduce Noise & Heat in a Model AModel A TimesWinter 2013
NoiseStop that RattleRestorerMay-9
NoiseCar Noises and RemediesRestorerJanuary-11
NoiseFrame Anti-Squeak MaterialRestorerSeptember-15
PlugsSpark Plug Voltage PolarityModel A NewsNovember-9
PlugsThe Cosmetic Resurrection of the 3X SparkplugModel A NewsJanuary-14
PlugsThe AC 575 & 78C Spark PlugsModel A NewsJanuary-15
PlugsSpark Plug ReadingModel A TimesFall 2012
PlugsSpark Plug ReviewModel A TimesSpring 2009
PlugsSpark plugsRestorerJanuary-99
PlugsReading Spark PlugsRestorerJanuary-00
PlugsSpark PlugsRestorerMay-14
PlugsWhen Spark Plugs Cry FoulRestorerMay-17
POLTiny Tips - Rebuilding the Oil PumpRestorerMarch-88
POLFull-flow Oil FilterRestorerNovember-89
POLConvert the Model A Engine to Full Pressure OilingRestorerJuly-91
POLHow to lubricate the speedometer cableModel A NewsJun-8
POLEvolution of the Oil Pump AssemblyModel A NewsMay-14
POLOil with ZDDP AdditivesModel A TimesSpring 2009
POLOil Filters, What works and What Doesn'tModel A TimesSummer 2005
POLOlder Cars & The New OilsModel A TimesSummer 2007
POLA Gas Station on the Running BoardModel A NewsJuly-16
POLGrease Gun Tip for original fittingsModel A TimesFall 2005
POLPure and Simple -Hydrodynamic LubricationRestorerJuly-93
POLPreserving an Endangered SpeciesRestorerJanuary-94
POLRear main oil leaksRestorerMarch-96
POLOiling systemRestorerJanuary-99
POLDistributor lubricationRestorerJanuary-99
POLEthanol as MotorfuelModel A NewsJuly-14
POLChoosing the Right Oil for Your Model AModel A NewsMay-07
POLLubricate your BearingsRestorerJanuary-10
POLFix for Rear Main Oil LeakRestorerJanuary-11
POLLubricating the Vacuum Wiper MotorRestorerJanuary-12
POLPreventing Oil Blow-ByRestorerNovember-12
POLEvolution of the Oil Pan TrayRestorerJanuary-15
POLSludge, causes, cleaning, preventionRestorerJanuary-17
Rear EndDifferential RebuildingModel A TimesFall 2009
Rear EndDifferential Rebuilding ContinuedModel A TimesSpring 2010
Rear EndDifferentialModel A TimesSummer 2005
Rear EndDifferential RebuildingModel A TimesSummer 2009
Rear EndDifferential Rebuilding ContinuedModel A TimesWinter 2010
Rear EndDifferential StandModel A NewsNovember-13
Rear EndRear Main Oil LeakModel A NewsJuly-9
Rear EndFixing the Proverbial Rear Main LeakModel A TimesFall 2006
Rear EndRear Main LeakModel A TimesSpring 2014
Rear EndU-Joint, Rebuild itModel A TimesFall 2005
Rear EndComparing OverdrivesModel A TimesSummer 2005
Rear EndOverdrive OperationModel A TimesWinter 2012
Rear EndRear End RebuildsRestorerJanuary-04
Rear EndMitchell Overdrive InstallationRestorerMarch-12
Rear EndRebuilding the Universal JointRestorerMay-12
Rear Endrear axle adjustmentRestorerJanuary-95
Rear EndEarly Ring & PinionRestorerJuly-12
Seat BeltsSeat Belts for the 1930/31 CoupeModel A NewsJanuary-16
Seat BeltsSeat Belts in a Model A?RestorerMay-93
StarterBroken Starter Bendix Bolt & washerModel A NewsMarch-10
StarterStarter Switch, changing Push Rod AngleModel A TimesWinter 2006
StarterBendix DriveModel A TimesSpring 2012
StarterEclipse Bendix DriveModel A TimesSummer 2013
StarterYet another Shocking ExperinceRestorerNovember-99
StarterBendix Starter DriveRestorerJuly-10
SteeringSpindle bolt Bushings & a Glimpse of HistoryRestorerJuly-90
SteeringRepairing Threaded Portion of Steering ColumnModel A NewsMay-12
SteeringRestore your Turning Radius when using a short Pitman ArmModel A NewsMay-13
SteeringStraightening the Front AxleModel A NewsMarch-16
SteeringTwo tooth Steering BasicsModel A NewsJanuary-15
SteeringAdjusting the Two Tooth Steering BoxModel A TimesSpring 2016
SteeringConvert 7-tooth to 2-toothRestorerMay-96
SteeringSteering Stabilizer, Is it NeededModel A TimesWinter 2007
SteeringReplacing Worn Steering BallsModel A TimesFall 2012
SteeringCorrecting Hard SteeringModel A TimesSpring 2006
SteeringWhat is CamberModel A TimesSpring 2007
SteeringFront Wheels AlignmentModel A TimesWinter 2013
SteeringSteering shaft thread repairRestorerJanuary-17
SteeringTunning Up a Model A Front EndRestorerJanuary-02
SteeringRestoring the Front Radius RodRestorerMarch-06
SteeringReplacing the Front Radius Rod Ball Joint AssemblyModel A NewsMarch-08
SteeringSeven Tooth Steerubg BoxRestorerSeptember-02
SteeringBasics of Front End Wheel AlignmentRestorerJanuary-15
SteeringA Pre-Check to Front End AlignmentRestorerMay-15
SteeringToe-in with just a stringRestorerJuly-13
SteeringImproving steeringRestorerJanuary-96
SteeringSpindle Steering Arm FailureModel A NewsMarch-9
SteeringRestoring the Model A SpindleModel A NewsMarch-10
SteeringSpindle Bolt Bushings & a Glimpse of HistoryRestorerJuly-90
SteeringLet's Get This Straight-the front axleRestorerJuly-18
SteeringSteering switch rodsRestorerMarch-00
SteeringSteering Arm rebuildRestorerMarch-10
SteeringTie Rod InstallationRestorerNovember-13
SteeringDeath Wobble in the Model ARestorerJuly-15
SteeringSolving Blind Spots, Camera technologyRestorerJul-20
ToolsFord Tools, Ajax JacksModel A NewsMarch-11
ToolsSilver Solder -a Lifesaver for Fragile Mending JobsModel A NewsJuly-11
ToolsC-2 Jack RevisitedModel A NewsSeptember-13
ToolsSteering Wheels PullerModel A TimesFall 2010
ToolsHelpful ToolsModel A TimesFall 2015
ToolsSpare Parts & Tools for TouringRestorerJuly-91
ToolsDistributor Removal ToolsModel A TimesSpring 2010
ToolsAdjustable Wrench Restoration A-1702RestorerMarchch-08
ToolsOpen End WrenchesRestorerMay-08
ToolsModel A Screwdriver A-17020RestorerNovember-08
ToolsThe Model A Tool KitModel A NewsNovember-71
ToolsModel A Tool BagsRestorerNovember-15
ToolsBrake Adjustment ToolRestorerJuly-18
TransmissionRestoring the Gear Shift BallModel A NewsMarch-7
TransmissionTwo Ways to Repair a Worn Transmission Input ShaftModel A NewsMarch-11
TransmissionTransmission GearsModel A TimesFall 2014
TransmissionTransmission TowerModel A TimesSpring 2012
TransmissionOvercoming the Problems of Popping out of gearModel A TimesSummer 2012
TransmissionOverdrive, Do I need one?Model A TimesSummer 2014
TransmissionTransmission LubricantModel A TimesWinter 2009
TransmissionTransmission CaseRestorerSeptember-12
TransmissionStopping transmission leaksRestorerNovember-96
TransmissionTransmission tower repairsRestorerMay-97
TransmissionUniversal Joint Housing Caps, Transmission Shaft BearingRestorerJanuary-07
TransmissionCause & Cure of a Growling TransmissionRestorerSeptember-01
TransmissionTransmission Dropping Out of GearRestorerMay-14
TransmissionSecond Gear JumpRestorerNovember-17
TroubleshootingTroubleshooting the AModel A NewsMarch-11
TroubleshootingTip Troubling shooting the AModel A NewsJanuary-13
TroubleshootingWhy doesn't it runModel A TimesSpring 2013
TroubleshootingIsolating Road Troubles in 10 MinutesModel A TimesSummer 2006
TroubleshootingWhy doesn't my vacuum wiper work?Model A TimesSummer 2011
TroubleshootingThe voice of experience (15 little jewels)RestorerSeptember-93
TroubleshootingDiagnosing Your Model A's MisbehaviorRestorerMarch-19
WaterTiny Tips-Water Pump ModificationRestorerMarch-88
Waterfluid recovery tankRestorerMay-90
WaterReplacement Aluminum Cooling FanModel A NewsJanuary-10
WaterCooling the EngineModel A TimesFall 2012
WaterChoosing & Installing Radiator Shrouds & FanModel A TimesFall 2013
WaterCooling System, Under PressureModel A TimesFall 2014
WaterCooling SystemModel A TimesFall 2016
WaterFan Air FlowModel A TimesSpring 2007
WaterWorkings of the Cooling SystemModel A TimesSpring 2010
WaterUseful Accessory - MotoMeterModel A TimesSpring 2012
WaterCooling System, How to make it really CoolModel A TimesSpring 2014
WaterWater Temperature (Moto-Meter)Model A TimesSpring 2015
WaterVapor Lock & Boiling OverModel A TimesSummer 2016
WaterRadiator ShroudModel A TimesWinter 2007
WaterRadiator RemovalRestorerSeptember-18
WaterCooling SystemModel A TimesWinter 2017
WaterRe-Coreing a 30-31 RadiatorRestorerMarch-94
WaterMoto-meter gaugeRestorerNovember-96
WaterFan failure analysisRestorerMarch-97
WaterPump shaft horizontal movementRestorerMay-92
WaterOverheating ProblemsRestorerJuly-08
WaterKnow your FansRestorerNovember-05
WaterWater pumpRestorerMay-98
WaterWater Pump DifferencesModel A TimesWinter 2015
WaterWater Pump RebuildRestorerMay-12
WaterFitting the B water pump to the cylinder headRestorerNovember-93
WaterProper Fitting of a Radiator ShellRestorerMay-14
WaterImproved Radiator CapModel A TimesSummer 2007
WaterHot or Not - Radiator ServicingRestorerJanuary-18
WheelsReplacing rubber valve stems with metal stemsRestorerMay-90
WheelsOn Authenticity - TiresRestorerSeptember-92
WheelsRemoving a Spinning lug nutModel A NewsMay-9
WheelsModel A Tire PumpsModel A NewsMay-9
WheelsBalancing the 21 inch Wheels before mountingModel A NewsNovember-9
WheelsRestoring the Early '30 Hub CapModel A NewsJanuary-10
WheelsTruing Up Front & Rear HubsModel A NewsJuly-11
WheelsValve Stem ReviewModel A NewsNovember-11
WheelsInstalling HubcapsModel A NewsJanuary-13
WheelsInstalling Grease Caps/Dust CoversRestorerJanuary-20
WheelsGrease Baffles and other related itemsRestorerJanuary-20
WheelsMounting the Model A TireModel A NewsMarch-13
WheelsMounting Tires the easy WayModel A NewsJuly-16
WheelsStraightening Wheels without any Special ToolsModel A NewsJuly-16
WheelsE-Z Way to find a usable WheelsModel A NewsJanuary-17
WheelsSafe Tire PressureModel A TimesFall 2007
Wheels21-inch Wheels RepairModel A TimesFall 2013
WheelsInstalling Hubs in Cast Iron DrumsModel A TimesSpring 2006
WheelsMeasuring Bearing JournalsModel A TimesSpring 2013
WheelsAligning the Front WheelsModel A TimesSpring 2016
WheelsWhen Tires are Showing their AgeModel A TimesSummer 2015
WheelsWheels BalancingModel A TimesWinter 2009
WheelsTire LocksRestorerJanuary-93
WheelsWheels wobbleRestorerJanuary-97
WheelsMounting tiresRestorerMarch-97
WheelsWire Wheel Hub Bolt Nuts A-21837Model A NewsMay-07
WheelsMystery Air Leaks, Tire Flaps & Rim LinersRestorerMay-08
WheelsTire PumpRestorerJuly-9
WheelsChanging a tireRestorerJuly-10
WheelsChanging 21-inch tiresRestorer11-May
WheelsSpare Wheel Lock AssemblyRestorerNovember-16
Preventive MaintenanceRestorerMay-90
Replacing Spark & Throttle RodsModel A NewsJuly-10
Cranking Systen DiagnosticRestorerNovember-99
TroubleTop 12 problems you might experience on the roadModel A NewsMarch-14
Driving me Nuts, backfire, no power problemRestorerSeptember-03
WinterStoring Model A for WinterModel A TimesWinter2009
Winter StorageModel A TimesFall 2014
Winterizing your Model ARestorerSeptember-12
Heater, Do I need one?Model A TimesFall 2016
Choke DriverModel A TimesSpring 2005
Spring Shackles & BushingsModel A TimesSpring 2007
Front spring reconditioning for a Lincoln rideRestorerJanuary-91
UpgradesImprovements for the Touring Model ARestorerNovember-01
Built For Touring, Upgrades you might likeModel A TimesSummer 2005
ShocksHoudaille ShocksModel A TimesSummer 2005
Houdaille Shock AbsorbersRestorerMay-12
Adjusting the Model A Shock AbsorberModel A TimesSummer 2016
Tune up Your CarModel A TimesSummer 2013
Those Wonderful Cotter PinsRestorerMarch-91
Cotter PinsRestorerMarch-15
Torque Values for Model A Nuts & BoltsRestorerMarch-99
Restoring Damaged ThreadsModel A TimesSummer 2014
Air ConditioningRestorerMarch-92
Air Conditioning ThoughtsModel A TimesSummer 2016
Air Conditioning InstallationModel A TimesWinter 2015
Ace Mechanic on Air-ConditioningRestorerNovember-18
What to Carry on TourModel A TimesWinter 2007
Building a trunkRestorerNovember-97
Testing a barn fineRestorerMay-00
Secrets of Speed, Model A Racing CarsRestorerMarch-66
Speedometer CalibrationRestorerJanuary-91
Maintenance for the Model ARestorerMay-10
Maintenance ChecklistRestorerJuly-10
WiperServicing the Windshield WiperRestorerJanuary-12
Restoring Trico vacuum wiperRestorerMay-96

BodyBrakesCarburetors ClutchElectrical
EngineExhaustHeadGas Horn
IgnitionLightsNoise ReductionSpark Plugs POL
Rear EndSeat BeltsStarterSteering Tools
TransmissionTroubleshootingWater ProblemsWheels Other

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