Bob & Gladys Home Tour
April 8, 2017

Bob is a professional restorer, has a tremendous collection, and a story to go with each piece.

Gladys' front yard
200 year old trees and a duck pond on 5 acres

Bob's garage

Excellent gas pump

Note the mirror frame.

Oil to match

3 horse hit-and-miss motor powered a cement mixer in a previous life.

See Bob try to start it.

See Bob start it.

The pay phone works.

This padlock has been in the Williamson County Jail and at the Huntsville Unit.

I don't know whether to stop or go.

This rowboat motor with tiller is a 1908 model
and runs in the direction you start it. (1909 model and history)

Before there were power tools

Probably a belt-fed drill press.

Pumps and Jacks

Max Phillips, Gerald Walker, Jim Cunningham, and Ed Angel listen to Bob
talk about his nuclear attack submarine model he has for parades.

Atwater Kent radio Model 55

Pictures by Howard and Angel

Two kinds of cookies and brownies by Gladys

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