Restoration Clinic
April 2017

by Ron Taylor, Al Bohn, and a host of help

Jack Fisher, John Sullivan, Ron Taylor, and Jim Cunningham
after fixing Jim's left headlight short.

John and Jim flip the gasket to allow the lens to fit over a long blub.

Al Bohn and Joe Hocker adjusting the toe-in on Joe's car

Ron Taylor installs the alternator in Neal Carlton's car.

Max Phillips, Jack, and Neal watch Ron work.

Always check your fire extinguisher before working with fuel.

Using a large funnel is always a good idea.

Ron cleans the fuel bowl.
To solve a fuel flow problem, compressed air was used to clear the line to the fuel tank.
The result was a small fountain of gas out of the top of the tank.
Removing the air allowed gas to spill out of this end of the line.
Sorry, no movies of this "Holy ...." moment.

Jim, Jack, Neal, Al and John

Still to do: clean gas tank, address tapping noise, alien the fan.

Max determines that his points are grounded.
He installed his spare.

Max's choke wire for hand cranking the engine.

With no legs inside the bumper, Max starts his engine with one pull.
According to Max, this is a rare event since Murphy's law says
it will not start the first time unless it is in gear.

Friends present Jim and Billie a framed picture.


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