Restoration Clinic
December 4, 2021

IHOP Attendees Fredrick Khoury, Pat Beagle, Fred Thompson, Charles White, Miller Casey, John Fatcek
Jim Ferguson, Ron Taylor, John Patterson, Claude Folta, Felix Boston, J R Howard
Other AttendeesJack Reeves, Charles Powell, Walter Payne
John G. Sullican, Ed Herrschaft, Al Bohn, Max Phillips

Fredrick, Pat, Fred, Charles, Casey, and John
Jim, Ron, John, Claude, Sondra Carlton, and Felix

Pat's 28 Sports Coupe

Claude's '30 Pickup and John's '31 Deluxe Coupe

Felix's '29 5-window Coupe, Jack's '30 Tudor

Pat's '28 Sports Coupe, Charles '29 Tudor, and Fredricks '30 Pickup

Felix presents Max with a 20 oz stainless steel coffee mug with his name and Lone Star Model A Club.
He was president four different times.

Jack speaks while Water takes a picture.
Jim tested the polarity on the Model As and found two that needed to swithc the leads on the coil. A coil with reversed polarity will have about a 20% lower output, which may not show up at idle and low rpms, but can cause an engine to miss or stumble under load and at higher engine rpms.

Fred's '29 Fordor with Casey, Fredrick, and John G.      J R's '30 Tudor waiting for John

John checks the density of J R's coolant. He found three other cars that needed more antifreeze.

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