John O'Loughlin Visit
November 16, 2019
at the Legacy at Crystal Falls

Leaders: Ron and Laurie Taylor
A Drivers:Paul Ranney, Claude & Joanne Folta, J R Howard, Max Phillips & Rebecca Jordan
Miller Casey, John Anderson, Al & June Bohn, Felix Boston, Glenn Schiller

Our first stop was at the Field of Honor in San Gabriel Park.

Glenn & his '31 Tudor, Max & his '29 Tudor, John & his '31 Coupe, Claude and Joanne & their '31 Tudor
Paul Ranney & his '29 Business Coupe, J R's '30 Tudor, Al and June & their '30 Fordor
Felix & his '29 Five Window Coupe, Miller & his '31 Sport Coupe, Ron and Laurie & their '31 Cabriolet

We made a short stop at the Pistons on the Square and saw Tim Sellers.

The most interesting item in this picture is the courthouse and Christmas tree.

The Little Deuce Coupe sounded great.

Our 10 cars made it safely to the Legacy.

Ron, Paul, Max, John, J R, Joanne, June, Al, Miller, Claude, Laurie, Felix, and Glenn say hello to John O.

Joanne adds some color to John's attire.

Other residents came out to enjoy our cars.

Amy Corbett has worked here for 4 years and is now the acting director.


Email to Ed Angel from John's daughter:

Thank you just doesn't quite seem like a big enough phrase to share with you all. Seeing the pictures of my Dad today smiling ear to ear brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. I so wish I could have been there. Your friendship and support through this next chapter in our lives means alot. I knew those old cars he loves would spark something in that sweet little mind of his. Again, a huge thank you. I will be back December 15th for about a week and would love to see some of you.


Email to Laurie from Joanne Folta:

The tour was very nice and we were blessed with a beautiful day. John looked better than I anticipated. I do think he was recalling some of what was going on around him. The longer we were there, the more attentive he became. Same old John with his sly smile and sarcastic wit.

Regardless of what he remembers, I think our little journey was worth it for Mandy's sake. She has been through a lot the past couple of years and is trying so hard to help her Dad anyway she can. It's a real challenge with her living so far away and not being able to monitor his day to day needs. The Legacy certainly appears to be a class A facility with a very caring staff.

It was worth the trip and we need to go again from time to time.

Thanks again,

PS I think our visit was enjoyable to several of the other residents who came out as well. Joanne

Email to Laurie from Paul Ranney:

John has a lot of friends. We wouldn't have missed that trip for anything. Thanks Laurie.


Photos by J R Howard

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