Onion Creek Hickory Classic

Led by Ron & Laurie Taylor
March 25, 2017

Al Bohn plays the part

Max, June, Al, and J R waiting for engine start

While driving down Spicewood Springs Road, we traveled over about 8 low water crossings - beautiful. From the IHOP to Onion Creek, it only takes three turns in a modern car.
For us, our fun index was 26 going to Onion Creek, and more getting home.

At this pit stop, a young lady asked for an application for her father
who was moving to Sun City. He has an A, and he joined us later at Onion Creek.

Jim & Billie Cunningham at the first pit stop.

Jim Cunningham's coupe, Al Bohn's Fordor, and Dub Brown's slant windshield Town Sedan

A good place to kill time while waiting for lunch

A store manager in the Tree House listens to Ron Taylor spin his Model A stories.
J R Howard and Max Phillips add some color.

Our group for lunch at the Hyde Park Bar & Grill

Just the cars parked for lunch

J R Howard, Dub Brown, Dave & Lynn Casey, June Bohn, Laurie & Ron Taylor
Rebecca Jordan, Max Phillips, Billie and Jim Cunningham, Glenn Schiller, and Al Bohn

Our view over the 18th hole.

Our group and some golfers. There were players from 12 states and 3 Canadian provinces.

What the golfers on the 18th hole could see.

Matching the crews with their cars

We had many vintage visitors around our cars.

This shot gives you an idea of our vantage point.

One of the regulars on the Hickory Classic Tour

Driving through Onion Creek on our way home.

We stopped for supper at the Good Luck Grill near Manor.

Our cars may look similar to an outsider, but

Type of cars: One slant window sedan, one coupe with rumble seat, one Fordor, one pickup, one Roadster, and 3 Tudors.
Colors: 1 Red, 1 Brown, 1 patina, 2 Black, and 2 green
Two cars had the yellow MAFCA reflector signs on their back side
Three cars sported our red, white, and blue Lonestar magnetic signs
Three cars had windshield wipers while most use Rain-X
Three cars had step plates
There was one car born before 1930
Three cars had trunks and one had a basement
Four of the cars had external tool boxes
Four cars had our club license plate toppers
Four cars had CB radios
Five cars had two tail lights, and one had three.
Six drivers wore knickerbockers
      (In British English, knickers means underwear worn by women.)
Seven cars had plates from their year.
Seven cars had a horn.

Photos by Glenn Schiller and J R Howard


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