2016 Christmas Party

at Mel's Diner
Hosted by Laurie and June
Supported by Ron, Ashley, and Al

Laurie & June will sign you in.

People are starting to gather. Al is manning his post.



Good eats



Great table decorations

No bites until the cake cutting


Glenn Schiller

David Knott

Al & June Bohn

John & Linda Sullivan

Ken & Gail McComas,
the parents of Laurie Taylor

Claude & Joanne Folta

Charlie & Johnnie De Vaul

John & Mary O'Loughlin

Jim & Joy Ferguson

Gerald & Brenda Walker

Joelia Nauman

Jack & Sally Fisher

Dennis & Carol McDaniel

Joe Hocker & Cheryl Tatro

Bob & Gladys Steinmann

Dub & Diane Brown

Ron Taylor got the last gift labeled for "Guy."

A well-dressed Laurie Taylor

Max Phillips & Rebecca Jordan

Nancy McCormick

Ed Rogers & Barbara Waite

Ed Angel

Paul Ranney & Joy Morrison

Felix & Cindy Boston

Bob & Carol Eklund

Frank Turnner & Ute Buress

Jim & Billie Cunningham

Why we came

Cindy Boston opening a homemade corsage made by Gail McComas

Ed was smiling because everyone had finished opening their gifts,
and he was toasting to a great party.

The mug they are holding had a picture of a Model A Roadster on it.

These people received a prize for either dressing in Model A fashion or wearing holiday attire.
Frank & Ute, Nancy, Joanne & Claude,
Mary, Gerald, Max, and Billie.

The team that made it happen: the service was great.

Photos by Ashley Taylor, Glenn Schiller, and Ed Angel

Thanks a lot to the Taylors and the Bohns for a great party.


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