Texas Early Day Tractor
and Engine Association
46th Annual State Show

Host:Frank Turner
PathfinderRon & Laurie Taylor
Model A driversEd Angel, Charles White, Al & June Bohn, Max Phillips & Rebecca Jordan
Modern Cars:Bob & Gladys Steinmann, J R & Lois Howard

Cars: Turner, Taylor, Bohn, Phillips, Angel, White

Hit-and-miss engine to pump your water.

Bob Steinmann is looking for a bargain which he did find.

Two pumps pumping

The line for churned, on the spot, ice cream.

Added accessory to a hand crank machine.

Hit-and-miss ice cream making demonstration.

Pre 1900 German hot air engine

A display of hit-and-miss engines with one driving a washing machine.

Corn crib and bucket of cobs.

Fun for all even when you crank the wrong way.

Grinding corn with a hit-and-miss engine.

TT truck ready for the fall.

Not sure what the pot is for.

Very popular with the older crowd.

1914 Model T Depot Hack


Nice looking Ts

Early Dodge

Late model truck with a newer V8

This bridge was built in 1915. It was located 11 miles west of Gatesville, over Cowhouse Creek, in Coryell County. It was relocated to this state showground site in 1995 by efforts of the Federal Highway Administration, Texas Historical Commission, Texas Department of Transportation, and Texas Early Day Tractor and Engine Association.
Nothing beats an old Mack Truck.

A few horses were here, but none bred for the plow.

A nice looking Paint.

A bucket trencher

Turn of the century power generator.

Bob and Frank

Frank cranks her up. This steam engine was bought in Pittsurgh, PA and moved to Prairie Lea in 1889 by the Katy Railroad and by wagon. In 1921, it was moved to Andice to power a cotton gin built by William Davidson. Oliver A. Howland worked in the gin and later bought the engine to power a cedar mill he built in Jollyville in 1940 and operated for several years. About 1980, the mill was dismantled and the engine saved as Mr. Howland wanted to operate it for his grandchildren.

This is the biggest two-cylinder engine that I've ever seen.

Mid-1920's Fairbanks-Morse Diesel Engine 4 cyl. 2 cycle 40,000 lbs. - Ordered by Seymour, Texas to generate electricity for residents. Obsolete by mid-1900's. Saved by J. J. Finley of Eastland, Texas.

Eight tractors in a row

Big tractor, "big" girl

At the other end, there is a nice row of tractors ready to make a run.

Rumely Oil Pull Tractor with power takeoff.

1916 Happy Farmer Tractor $550.
"The Master Farm Power" revolutionizing the world's greatest industry

Nice treads

The owner was very proud of his washing machine with the agitator.
1915 Dexter Washing Machine made in Fairfield, Iowa. Placard

Lights, camera, action
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Frank made a nice sign and picked out a shaded area for our cars.

I'm sure you would have enjoyed the sound of rain on this tin roof.

Six cars at the Dead Fish Grill at Belton Lake for lunch.

A very good Chipotle BBQ Burger

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