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Photographs by Jo Moss

2001 Miles in a Model A Ford - June 14-25, 2001

Manifold Cooking

Lyle Meek wiring our lunch to the manifold
Here is the Moss' car. The packets were prepared the night before and consisted of hamburger meat made into patties and a nice, thick slice of onion on the top and bottom. These were double wrapped and sealed in aluminum foil. About 20 minutes before lunchtime, we stopped and Lyle Meek used wire to tie two packets to each of our car's manifolds.

Lyle Meek wiring our lunch to the manifold
Here is Lyle arranging the packets on his car.

Lyle Meek wiring our lunch to the manifold
This is Lyle at the Phillips' car. How can I tell? We had a tiger in our tank.

Lyle Meek removing our lunch from the manifold
We could smell lunch cooking while driving down the road. Here is Lyle taking lunch off of the manifold. Yes, it was hot, but he had gloves on.

Relaxing after our manifold lunch
Here it is in West Texas and we found some trees and a roadside park. It was windy, but the food was hot and good.


Created on June 29, 2001

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