1931 Deluxe Tudor

Marble Falls

I bought my car at a flee market about 2 years ago. I was interested in it because it seemed to be all there. I had it towed to my garage and started to go thru it. I got it running nicely and have repaired or rebuilt all of the systems. Tires are 2014, and brakes are good. All fluids changed. Clutch is good. Transmission is good. Interior has character. Original 6 volt system. Had to rewire due to mice activity. It had been sitting for quite a long time. Top is good. Some painted areas were rough, so I stripped those areas down to bare metal and repainted. The body is in very good condition. Stripped and repainted the wheels. Spare tire is very old but still holds air. Rebuilt the horn and added a horn relay when I rewired. Everything works, Does not overheat. Lights all work. Glass is all good.

I invite you to come visit and we can go for a ride. We have 9 miles of private roads here....
which is nice because it has not been registered since 1972. I have the title.

Dale Namminga Email