Christmas Party

Hosted by Laurie & Ron Taylor and assisted by Glenn Schiller

Just for us

Roll out the royal cloth.

All the way down.

Measure once, cut twice

Add a garland and some balls

Sweeten the pot

They used a ruler at Downton Abbey.

Glenn adds the lights.

Are you sure those are authentic Model A colors?

Everyone checks in.

Glenn welcomes Paul Ranney to the party.

Ed & Joan Angel

Felix & Cindy Boston

Dub & Diane Brown

Mark & Kiki Corry

Jim & Billie Cunningham

Bob & Carol Eklund

Jack Fisher

John & Judy Ftacek

Jim & Joy Ferguson

Joe Hocker & Cheryl Tatro

Max Phillips & Rebecca Jordan

John & Mary O'Loughlin

Paul Ranney & Joy Morrison

Glenn Schiller

David Knott

Bob & Gladys Steinmann

John & Diana Sullivan

Ron & Laurie Taylor

Ken & Gail McComas
Laurie Taylor's parents

Fred & Darleen Thompson

The gathering of eagles

If you had been there,
you would have laughed your head off, too.

The chow line

Let them eat cake.

What we have all been waiting for.

Ornaments, whatnots, and doodads

Tools, gadgets, and other must haves

Decisions, decisions

Glenn is always willing to help.

Everybody opens their packages at the same time.

A nice $10 nutcracker (I'm sure)

Is Laurie looking to trade?

And the fashion winners are....

Happy campers

What the heck ???

This would make a good picture frame.

We've got a big year ahead of us.

The servers

The end of a great afternoon.
Thanks to all who helped.

Pictures by Ashley Taylor

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